Marc Muellbauer

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Marc Muellbauer's Kaleidoscope

New CD: Journeyman (JHM 199)
released April 2011

Marc Muellbauer: Bass, Kompositionen; Christian Kögel: Akustische Gitarren; Roland Neffe: Marimbaphon; Heinrich Köbberling: Schlagzeug; Jonas Schoen: Alto, Soprano, Bassklarinette; Falk Breitkreuz: Klarinette, Sopransaxofon, Flöte, Tenor, Bassklarinette; Karola Elßner: Klarinette, Bassklarinette, Duduk; Sven Klammer: Fluegelhorn, Trompete; Susanne Kugler: Horn

released September 2004 (schoener hören music)

CD Cover

"Marc Muellbauer's Kaleidoscope" is an ensemble that renders absurd the percieved boundaries between jazz and so-called classical music. Leaning more toward the european tradition in terms of instrumental colour and texture, the band is an eloquent example of the potential for excitement and variety in contemporary jazz. In his music, Muellbauer ignores categories like "old" or "new" to create a music that is completely unique and in it's beauty, defies all categorization.


Marc Muellbauer: bass, compositions; Christian Kögel: acoustic guitars, oud;

Roland Neffe: marimbaphone; Heinz Lichius: drums;

Jonas Schoen: clarinet, bassclarinet, sopranosaxophone, altosaxophone;

Falk Breitkreuz: clarinet, sopranosaxophone; Karola Elßner: clarinet, bassclarinet;

Sven Klammer: fluegelhorn, trumpet; Sarah Willis: horn

The CD "Quiet" (NRW 4021) was released on September 27th 2004 on the Berlin label Schoener Hoeren Music, and is distributed by NRW


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Soundbytes from "Quiet":
field, outhead.mp3
kaleidoscope, main theme.mp3

Julia Hülsmann Trio

Julia Hülsman: piano; Marc Muellbauer:bass; Heinrich Köbberling: drum

"Julia Hülsmann has been leading her trio since 1997. Her repertoire, that began as a mixture of standards and originals is now almost exclusively composed of her own material. "My music is all about melody. It's that simple”, says Hülsmann. But in reality, her writing is much more complex; she plays with references, colours and tradition, and in her music, she brings together the European and the American tradition. But in the end the music's complexity never stands in the way of its accessibility." (Zitty, Berlin)

“Good Morning Midnight”, Hülsmann’s third CD on German Label ACT, is to be released on January 27th. It features the poems of Emily Dickinson, set to music by Hülsmann herself. In looking for a male voice for the project, she found Hamburg singer Roger Cicero, a real virtuoso, who in this project puts his astonishing voice totally at the service of the lyrics and Hülsmann’s perceptive arrangements. The band will be touring in Spring and Autumn 2006. 

“Scattering Poems”, her first CD on ACT was a resounding national and international success. Celebrated by the press and the audience alike, the CD was No. 3 in the April 2003 German jazz charts, and stayed in the for months. In the annual “Musikmarkt” jazz charts 2003 the CD holds 5th place.

Hülsmann’s second project on ACT, “Come Closer-Celebrating Randy Newman” features Anna Lauvergnac in arrangements that show a new and exiting side of Newman’s music, without compromising its narrative qualities. Lauvergnac digs deep into Newman’s stories, and provides a perfect example of how a sensitive performer can continue to show a new angle on well-known material, while staying true to its original intent. The band toured extensively throughout Germany and Austria in 2004/2005.


Soundbytes from "Scattering Poems" Julia Hülsmann Trio with Rebekka Bakken
the moon is hiding mp3

Soundbytes from "Come Closer" Julia Hülsmann Trio with Anna Lauvergnac
let's burn down the cornfield - bass solo mp3
short people excerpt.mp3

Esther Kaiser Quartett: Jazz Poems

Esther Kaiser: vocals; Cartsen Daerr: piano; Jens Dohle drums; Marc Muellbauer: bass

Following their two-week tour of Southeast Asia in October 2005, Esther Kaiser is due to release “The Moment we met” (Minor Music), her second CD as a leader on February 3rd 2006. Original compositions by Kaiser are interwoven with her contemporary interpretations of Beatles, Chopin, jazz-classics such as “Over the Rainbow” or “Bye-Bye Blackbird” and jazz originals like Richie Beirach’s “Elm”.

Finn Wiesner Trio

Finn Wiesner: tenor saxophone; Heinrich Köbberling: drums; Marc Muellbauer: bass

This original trio plays a wide repertoire of standards and jazz originals. With strong roots in the Sonny Rollins tradition of trio playing, Wiesner makes striking and innovative use of unusual time signatures in his arrangements.  At the same time the trio is always looking to expand the vocabulary of rhythmic superimpositions, while never losing its sense of swing. The band has just recorded a CD which is due for release in spring 2006.



Klaus Spencker: guitar; Heinrich Köbberling: drums; Marc Muellbauer: bass

This is a composer’s trio. The band came to life as a result of a number of relaxed session gigs in the Berlin jazz clubs. It was immediately apparent, that this was something we wanted to keep doing. We all contribute to the repertoire, and all of us equally enjoy just playing standards in a loose and open environment.



Duo Sleepwalk mit Rolf v.Nordenskjöld

Rolf v.Nordenskjöld: flute, alto flute, bass flute, piccolo; Marc Muellbauer bass

Two large-ensemble composers explore the expressive potential of the most reduced form of musical interaction; the duo. A purely acoustic band…


Tango Quintett Yira Yira

Tango Quintett Yira Yira

Melanie Barth: accordion; Marie-Elsa Drelon: piano; Gennadij Dessiatnik; violin; Harald Kündgen: vibraphone; Marc Muellbauer: bass

This quintet combines the golden age of 1920’s to 1940’s Tango Argentino with the music of Piazzolla and Mosalini. The music opens up to create spaces for improvisation without diluting the authentic sound of the band. The German “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” writes: “Masters of the genre… they convince the listener with their precise and focused performance”.


Rainer Brennecke: flugelhorn; Eddie Hayes: flugelhorn; Finn Wiesner: tenor saxophone; Rolf v. Nordenskjöld: baritone saxophone; Johannes Gehlmann: guitar; Stephan Genze: drums; Marc Muellbauer/Björn Werra: electric bass;

This ensemble is dedicated to the legacy of one of the great unknowns of European arranging, Helmut Brandt. Brandt was the baritone saxophone player of the RIAS-bigband for decades. During his tenure there he wrote over 1400 arrangements for the band, yet his most personal project was the “Helmut Brandt Mainstream Orchestra”, for which he wrote around 150 works. This unique lineup used guitar and electric bass in the upper registers to create six-part voicings that gave the band a hip and totally distinctive sound.

Soundbytes from the current CD "Long Distance"


The Toughest Tenors Jazz Quintett

Bernd Suchland: tenor sax; Max Hacker: tenor sax; Sebastian Wittstock: piano; Ralf Ruh: drums; Marc Muellbauer: bass

This quintet pays tribute to the legendary saxophone-battle groups of the 50’s and 60’s: Dexter Gorden / Wardell Gray or Johnny Griffin / Eddie Lockjaw Davis. The large repertoire of carefully transcribed arrangements of these giants will contain surprises even for hardcore jazz aficionados.

Marc Secara Group

Marc Secara: vocals; Claus Dieter Bandorf: piano; Patrick Braun: saxophone; Jens Dohle: drums; Marc Muellbauer: bass

Marc Secara’s Quartet presents a homage to the great singers in jazz history: Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Vic Damone, Sammy Davis up to Harry Connick

jr, Mark Murphy or Kurt Elling. As well as playing club venues, the Marc Secara Group has played the international music fair in Cannes and has toured Iran twice. The Marc Secara was the first western group to give jazz concerts after more than 22 years in the Islamic Republic.